•   Manage your facebook, twitter and youtube accounts
  •   Supports text, image, link and video posts
  •   Customize youtube upload options
  •   Supports RSS feeds
  •   Upload photos/videos in bulk and schedule them to post later
  •   Easy drag and drop upload
  •   Easily add captions to selected photos/videos
  •   Bulk upload text post using csv or txt file
  •   Auto hide/delete post after certain interval
  •   Options to repeat schedule or auto delete files after posting

Extra features

  •   Add watermark to images/videos to protect your brand
  •   Post log record of each post
  •   Multiple facebook/twitter/youtube profile under a user account
  •   Post photo albums in facebook
  •   Clean up your fan page/profile (mass delete)
  •   Analytics of created posts
  •   Facebook notification when a posting schedule is completed
  •   Comment bumping & advanced post deletion based on insights
  •   Powerful admin panel
  •   Enable/disable modules, manage users using membership systems

Content Creation

  •   Edit your photos and videos before upload
  •   Add watermark, special effects to your photos. Crop and resize photos
  •   Create tile of screenshots, cut and join chunks from videos, capture still screenshots
  •   Generate meme from uploaded photo
  •   Create video slideshow from photos
  •   Download images and videos from web
  •   Four video hosts Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Facebook supported